Novo Brdo Residential Complex: Intelligent openBIM workflows

Novo Brdo Residential Complex: Intelligent openBIM workflows

Novo Brdo neighbourhood, the development of the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia offers a higher standard of living, as facilities and apartments, are designed with a focus on the well-being of all generations of neighbourhood residents. The project includes diverse public areas – shops, services, library etc., and safe outdoor space with extensive green areas and playgrounds, designed to answer the needs of both young and elderly residents, as well the family living. The project consists of 498 apartments of 30 to 80m2 divided into 18 buildings. The project also includes an underground garage with 522 parking spaces.

The BIM implementation on the Novo Brdo project involved a large-scale federated BIM model consisting of over 510,000 elements sourced from 89 different IFC files. To ensure the accuracy and quality of the model, the BEXEL Manager Data checker was utilized using defined IDS, resulting in the identification and correction of data deficiencies. Through spatial analysis and collaboration, clashes between different building elements were detected and mitigated (more than 3,000 issues), preventing potential issues during the construction phase.

The cost classification containing 1,872 cost items was automatically generated, and directly linked to model elements through IFC attribute-based rules. This integration between cost data and model elements facilitated efficient cost management and analysis throughout the project lifecycle.

To streamline the scheduling process, BEXEL intelligent location-based planning was implemented. BEXEL Manager generated a construction schedule with 4,469 tasks and 6,272 relations, directly linked to cost items and corresponding BIM model elements.

Furthermore, the project utilized element-based monitoring of construction progress, enabling a detailed comparison between planned and actual progress. This involved conducting earned value analysis and generating interactive KPI dashboards. These reporting mechanisms provided stakeholders with comprehensive insights into project performance, aiding decision-making and facilitating effective project management.

High-quality construction management guided by lean construction principles is built on intelligent location-based planning, timely and transparent information flow established within openBIM workflows, and consistent information management and analysis. Optimized construction process and overall control over the project implementation achieved by accurate KPI reporting, enabling successful navigation towards high-quality, on-time and within-budget project delivery.

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The BIM implementation in accordance with openBIM standard utilizing the BEXEL Manager platform on the Novo Brdo project was awarded the prestigious buildingSMART International Innovation Award 2020 for implemented technology and innovative workflows in the BIM environment.



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