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Single source of truth. Data management. Clash detection. Quantity takeoff. Smart scheduling. Schedule optimization. Cost estimation. Look-ahead plans. Progress monitoring.


BEXEL Manager
Coming December 12th
Single Source of Truth
Single Source of Truth
Data-driven collaborative decision making in an open and integrated multi-domain construction management ecosystem.
Smart Automation
Smart Automation
Intelligent automated 3D/4D/5D BIM workflows for extraordinary efficiency and integrated project management.
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management
Clash matrix, data enrichment and IDS, rules of measurement, classifications, cost databases, construction methodologies.
Interactive Dashboards
Interactive Dashboards
Instant generation of powerful interactive cloud-based BIM dashboards for full project control and visualisation of key project metrics.

Cloud-based Ecosystem

for maximum

Revolutionary intelligent Construction planning engine that uses BIM data, zones and methodologies, generates optimized schedules and creates detailed 4D/5D BIM simulations.

Automated data verification workflows based on predefined validation rules and IDS for faster BIM data control and BIM model health verification.

Automated data enrichment workflow improves BIM models by adding attributes to fit the most important 3D, 4D and 5D BIM uses.

Smart Cost management workflow automatically generates cost classification based on knowledge bases, auto assigns cost items to BIM elements, and creates BOQ.

Enhance project quality with BIM Clash detection workflow, ensuring early identification and resolution of design conflicts for seamless construction processes.

Progress monitoring workflow uses real-time data integration and 3D visualization. to track construction milestones and ensure timely project completion and data-driven construction management.

Today's tip:

Check out how BEXEL Manager allows you to publish BIM models to BEXEL CDE broken down by any attribute to multi-level source structure to enhance collaboration and.

- Analyze specific disciplines within a particular zone.
- Examine work of selected subcontractor per cost classification structure.
- Inspect construction simulation of a relevant part of the BIM model.
- Visualize and explore selected maintenance zones.


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BEXEL Command Center

5D Estimation
5D Estimation

BEXEL Sample Model.

Payment Certififcate
Payment Certififcate

BEXEL Sample Model

Earned Value Analysis
Earned Value Analysis

BEXEL Sample Model.

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