29 MAY 2024

Hear what world experts have to say about the most important use cases, benefits and impacts that BEXEL technology brings to projects

  • How BEXEL integrated BIM environment revolutionize project management?
  • Learn how some of the largest construction companies in the world are creating optimal construction schedules using BEXEL technology.
  • What are the most important steps to reach efficiency by improving construction planning and management processes?
  • How to enable effective internal and external communication and collaboration with BEXEL CDE?
  • Learn about the key insights delivered with information-rich BIM interactive dashboards.
  • What are the key steps for successful implementation from the experience of the most successful users?

Prof. Dr Vladan Kuzmanović
Prof. Dr Vladan Kuzmanović

Dean, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade 

Prof. Dr Igor Peško <br><br>
Prof. Dr Igor Peško

Head of Department for Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad,

Veljko Janjić <br><br>
Veljko Janjić

CEO Bexel Consulting

Tomislav Zigo <br><br>
Tomislav Zigo

Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Clayco, USA

Mukund B S<br><br>
Mukund B S

Head of BIM, Larsen and Toubro Construction, India

Reine Hokayem<br><br>
Reine Hokayem

VDC Manager, Nesma & Partners, Saudi Arabia

Ricardo Munguia<br><br>
Ricardo Munguia

Global Head of Digital Construction and Data Management, Ferrovial, Spain

Mihai Burca<br><br>
Mihai Burca

BIM Implementation Manager, Prime Kapital, Romania

Luis Eduardo Clavijo<br>
Luis Eduardo Clavijo

Cofounder Bimated, Colombia

Juan Martinez Carrillo<br>
Juan Martinez Carrillo

BIM Manager & Digital Lead, Sotra Link Construction, Norway

Višnja Blažin<br><br>
Višnja Blažin

BIM Project Manager, Konstruktor Group, Serbia

Milica Marinković<br><br>
Milica Marinković

BIM Project Manager, Konstruktor Group, Serbia

Stephen Hollstein<br><br>
Stephen Hollstein

Senior Manager of Schedule Integration, Clayco, USA

Gašper Brus<br><br>
Gašper Brus

Head of Department for BIM, DRI, Slovenia

Amir Aroesti<br><br>
Amir Aroesti

Construction Technology Expert, Tidhar, Israel

Marko Pavlović<br><br>
Marko Pavlović

BIM Manager, Jadran, Serbia

Recep Ersoy<br><br>
Recep Ersoy

Technical Office Manager, Ballast Nadam, Luxembourg

Akif Ibrahimoglu<br><br>
Akif Ibrahimoglu

CEO, Nika BIM, Turkey

Marijana Grujić<br><br>
Marijana Grujić

Senior BIM Manager, Bexel Consulting, Serbia



Ceremony hall,  Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73



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