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BEXEL Manager Lite is a perfect tool
for BIM models up to 15,000 building
elements. Access the full list of
BEXEL Manager features at
the fraction of the cost.


Use 3D/4D/5D BIM technology and
execute colossal projects with more
than a million building elements and
20 000 construction tasks using
wide-array of structural, financial
and other BIM analysis.


Complete Pre-Construction operations,
Bids & Tender documentation,
and prepare a design model
for construction phrase using
astute 3D BIM solution.




from €380/year

Fully customizable and scalable
3D/4D/5D/6D BIM platform designed
for large companies. Integrate it with
ERP system, third-party apps or your
custom database. Use the advantage
of Custom Report Templates and
extensive API development.

from €450/year

Handle facility management and
post-construction operations efficiently
on your computer or mobile phone.
Quickly access the essential asset
information created during the design
and construction process.

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Plans & Pricing


Manager Lite 


• The perfect BIM choice • 

for your needs with 

small to medium size projects 

• 3D BIM Features •

• 4D BIM Features •

• 5D BIM Features •

• Up to 15 000 BIM elements •

• Basic Support •




A solution intended for

model checking and 3D project reviewing in pre-construction phase

• Quantity Takeoffs •

• Clash Detection •

• Bids and Tendering •

number of BIM elements •

• Basic Support  




 A complete BIM solution

up to post-built phase 

• 3D BIM Features 

• 4D BIM Features 

• 5D BIM Features 

number of BIM elements •

• Advanced Support •


CDE Enterprise

from 380€/yr


BEXEL Engineer or

BEXEL Manager

• Installed on Clients premises

• User roles and permissions •

History of all model versions available to go back to

Cloud based solution

for team collaboration

Advanced Support •


Facility Management

from 450€/yr


BEXEL Engineer or

BEXEL Manager

• Installed on Clients premises

• User roles and permissions •

• 6D BIM Features •

Cloud based solution

for facility and asset management

Advanced Support


Manager Lite



Engineer CDE Enterprise *

Manager CDE Enterprise *

FM *

FM *

Annual Subscription Packages

(per user)

Single User

480 €
900 €
2.400 €
10+ Users

480 €
680 €
1650 €
800 €
1.840 €
1.050 €
2.090 €
25+ Users

480 €
560 €
1190 €
660 €
1.320 €
860 €
1.520 €
50+ Users

440 €
475 €
940 €
560 €
1.050 €
710 €
1.200 €
100+ Users

400 €
400 €
760 €
475 €
850 €
500 €
970 €
250+ Users
400 €
325 €
520 €
380 €
600 €
450 €
670 €
* FM and CDE plans include BEXEL Manager or BEXEL Engineer software
View Project Features
Real-time model navigation
Enhanced visualisation ( scenes & animations)
Review Project Features
Open IFC file format (IFC 2×3, IFC 4)
IFC export (IFC 2×3, IFC 4)
Quantity Takeoff (QTO) IFC import/export MVD
Model data review
Federated BIM models from multiple sources
BCF support (export and import, cloud based management)
Advanced element search and filtering
Color coded element breakdowns
3D BIM Features
Quantity takeoff (QTO)
Clash detection
Interference management
BIM meta-data management
Preparation of tendering packages
4D BIM Features
Schedule and plannning
Construction methodologies
Intelligent LOB and flowline scheduling
Critical path method (CPM) and analysis (CPA)
Construction simulation
Progress tracking
Resource leveling
Planned VS Actual
Import/Export from MS Project, Primavera
5D BIM Features
Cost Manager
Work breakdown structure reporting
Bill of quantities (BOQ)
Cash flow analysis
Schedule IFC import/export MVD
Support for custom classification system (i.e. Uniformat, Masterformat, Uniclass, DIN 276…)
Company cost databases
6D BIM Features
Facility Management (FM)
Inteligent document linking
Document management system (cloud based DMS)
Asset model data
Common Data Environment (According to ISO 19650)
Installation on Client premises
Define user roles and permissions
History of all model versions available to go back to
Optimized incremental project versioning
Model & Analyses updates notifications
Cloud based document management platform
Collaboration and synchronization of analysis done by multiple users
Publishing of sub-models changes to federated model
Additional Features
Power BI reporting
Custom report templatesOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn Request
Custom integration with ERP and other systemsOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn Request
Custom database integrationOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn Request
Advanced reporting engine
Export attribute sets back to authoring tools
Collaboration management system
API & Add-in system
Access to advanced tutorials, free cost databases and demo models on different languages
Number of BIM elementsUp to 15000UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Customer supportBasicBasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced

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