November 29, 2023

4D/5D BIM in Pre-construction Phase


October 25, 2023

Interactive BIM Dashboards - Data Verification

In this webinar, we go through the development of a 4D schedule and construction animation for a conceptual 3D BIM model. Learn how to create insightful analyses even in the Concept project stage and have an overview of construction works in BEXEL CDE interactive dashboards and visualisations.

Learn more about the automated data verification process, and find out tools based on predefined check rules which can help you in faster BIM data check and tracking BIM model health.

  • 4D scheduling inputs overview - main sequencing and project milestones
  • 3D BIM model overview
  • Selection sets creation (smart selection sets)
  • Cost classification creation based on QTO
  • Adjust cost classification
  • Cost assignment
  • Zones creation based on selection sets and Methodology creation
  • Smart construction schedule creation
  • Schedule adjustment
  • Generate 4D schedule animation
  • Publishing BIM model to BEXEL CDE and overview results on BEXEL cloud-based solutions
  • Power BI + BEXEL CDE interactive dashboards and visualisations

  • Automated data validation workflow
  • Existing data check templates
  • Adjustment of existing templates
  • Creation of new templates
  • Standardized Information Delivery Specification (IDS) data check workflow
  • Results overview (automated creation of selection sets and color-coded CBS with results)
  • Data check results overview within BEXEL CDE
  • BCF collaboration with project stakeholders
  • Power BI + BEXEL CDE KPI dashboard with data check results


September 27, 2023

Interactive BIM Dashboards - Data Enrichment


August 30, 2023

Advanced 4D/5D Planning + BIM Dashboards

In this webinar learn more about BIM data enrichment. 

In this webinar, you can learn simple but significant tricks for fine-tuning and optimizing 4D/5D schedules.

  • Data enrichment workflow

  • BIM model properties management

  • Import existing data enrichment templates

  • Adjustment of existing templates

  • Creation of new templates

  • Enrich the BIM model with cost and schedule attributes

  • Creation of colour-coded CBS by enriched attributes

  • Selection sets creation (rule-based and using templates)

  • Using enriched attributes within BEXEL CDE

  • Manage and collaborate with selection sets, CBS and simulations within the BEXEL ecosystem

  • Power BI + BEXEL CDE KPI dashboard with enriched attributes

  • Explanation of working and adjusting the schedule task durations
  • Available types of schedule task relation types and adjustments
  • Review of quantities, activities, and resources within a single or a group of tasks
  • Demolition/temporary/construction schedule tasks
  • Schedule task coloring by any property (critical path, methodology)
  • Gantt chart adjustments
  • Schedule optimization
  • Line of Balance
  • Schedule tasks analysis charts
  • Construction simulation coloring
  • Set camera paths and animation production
  • Publish and manage CDE projects using a flexible CDE source structure
  •  Construction simulations in BEXEL CDE 4D/5D Module
  • Create Advanced Interactive 4D/5D KPI Dashboards


July 26, 2023

Interactive BIM Dashboards - 4D/5D Planning


June 28, 2023

Interactive BIM Dashboards - Cost Estimation

This webinar will guide you through the 4D planning process, enabling you to unleash the full potential of 4D BIM.

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Create a Federated BIM model in BEXEL Manager from IFC
  • Automated Data Enrichment with Classification codes (Uniformat)
  • Load Configuration Documents and Templates
  • Generate Construction Schedule
  • Publish BIM model to BEXEL CDE
  • Analyse construction simulation in CDE
  • Power BI + BEXEL CDE interactive dashboards and visualizations

  • Create a new BEXEL CDE project
  • Manage project versions, project users, their roles and permissions
  • Prepare and publish the BEXEL Manager project version to BEXEL CDE
  • Create a new Color-coded Custom breakdown
  • Cost classification overview
  • Cost estimation creation - Assigning cost classification to BIM model elements
  • Cost Estimation structure wizard - organize cost assignment by different rules
  • Publish Power BI dashboard for tendering package
  • Upload Power BI + BEXEL CDE Report on BEXEL Docs
  • BEXEL CDE Collaboration
  • Adjust Power BI + BEXEL CDE dashboard
  • Adding additional data set to default power BI dashboard (transform data)
  • Change the visual in Power BI
  • Modify slicers in Power BI
  • Publish Power BI Dashboard
  • Create a report on BEXEL CDE
  • Tendering Power BI + BEXEL CDE dashboard - overview




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