May 17, 2023

Interactive Project Management Dashboards


September 6, 2022

Introduction to BEXEL Cloud-based solutions

  • Power BI+BEXEL CDE dashboard – Clash detection
  • Data enrichment overview
  • Power BI+BEXEL CDE dashboard - Area analysis
  • Power BI+BEXEL CDE Model Explorer dashboard
  • 5D estimation workflow and interactive dashboard
  • Power BI+BEXEL CDE dashboard - Earned Value Analysis 
  • BIM progress monitoring
  • Payment certificate dashboard
  • Custom data sets on Linear project example

  • New User Interface
  • Publish to BEXEL Viewer
  • Publish to the IFC format from BEXEL Manager
  • Publish to BEXEL Portfolio Manager
  • Manage templates
  • Overview of BEXEL Viewer
  • Overview of BEXEL Portfolio Manager
  • Integration of BEXEL Viewer and PowerBI reports
  • Overview of the PowerBI templates exported from BEXEL Manager
  • Overview of BEXEL FM


September 13, 2022

Geometry and Data Management


September 20, 2022

4D/5D construction planning

  • The process of creating a new project
  • Overview of Geometry and Data Management
  • Creating, saving and sharing different templates
  • Exporting Clash detection results to PowerBI report with BEXEL Viewer
  • Exporting Clash detection results and all project information to the BEXEL Portfolio Manager
  • BIM Data validation and IDS verification
  • Project update process
  • Data Enrichment processes

  • Cost estimation workflows
  • Create a new project
  • Data Enrichment
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Creating Cost Classification
  • Cost Items overview
  • Auto-Assigning Cost Items to Cost Version
  • Assigned Items overview and ability to incorporate a non-BIM cost items, or specify the Variable Cost


September 27, 2022

BIM progress monitoring


November 30, 2021

Digital transformation and automated 3D/4D/5D analysis

In this webinar, learn more about digital transformation and integrated 3D/4D/5D BIM project management

  • Generating optimized construction schedules
  • Task Reports (Cash flow, S-curve)
  • Progress monitoring, tracking and reporting
  • Resource Leveling
  • Look Ahead Plans
  • Intelligent Progress Editor
  • New Progress Entry
  • Export and overview PowerBI Reports with BEXEL Viewer
  • Export and overview project information in BEXEL Portfolio Manager

  • Model quality control and predefined Selection Set templates
  • Custom Breakdown Structure and CBS templates
  • BIM Data Validation and BCF Exchange
  • Model Health Check PowerBI Report
  • Advanced Data Enrichment
  • Advanced Clash detection workflows
  • Clash PowerBI Reports
  • Containment relations Data Enrichment using API Script
  • Creating cost breakdown structure
  • Editing and setting cost items
  • Creating and editing cost versions
  • Customize cost version WBS
  • Exporting cost versions
  • Project updates and 5D data exchange
  • Non-BIM cost items
  • BIM enrichment with 5D data
  • Intelligent scheduling engine
  • Workflow to generate automated BIM based schedule
  • 5D reports and exports
  • Look ahead plans and model enrichment
  • BEXEL Portfolio Manager




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