Empowering Investors with Data-Driven Construction Management

Empowering Investors with Data-Driven Construction Management

Whether it is a stadium, hospital, luxury resort, residential, or infrastructure project, BEXEL Manager has been used to plan, track and control projects by investors around the world. Its` high level of automatization using customizable templates, knowledge transfer through the template database, as well as a streamlined analyses update process with project changes, reinforces control in all stages of the project.

A BIM model with accurate information and a data layer is crucial for valuable and trustworthy analysis throughout all project stages. Regular automated data checks in BEXEL Manager verify and control the information layer, adding value to the designer`s output, and providing high-quality, data-rich BIM models ready for further analyses.

BEXEL Command center - BIM model health check

American Institute of Architects and Association of General Contractors estimate clashes encountered on construction sites to have an average cost of 1500$ per instance. Preventing on-site collisions and rework, and enabling a smooth construction process, is saving time and resources and reducing costs. BEXEL Manager`s algorithm for clash detection and reporting dashboards creates a streamlined way toward clash-free project documentation.

An accurate bill of quantities and smooth collaboration and communication between project participants provide a precise project budget, even in the early project stages. BEXEL Manager integrates the investor`s cost base and generates a detailed and structured budget, enabling budget analytics grouped by various criteria. With the data-rich 4D/5D construction schedule defined, BEXEL Manager takes it a step further with cash flow analysis (i.e., “S Curve” or cost diagrams). This allows the investor to reduce waste, recognize and capture best practices and increase profit margins.

Automated resource analyses within BEXEL Manager, give way for precise procurement plans and timely mechanization engagement, mitigating delays or bottlenecks and saving on storage and transport.

Using the full potential of the 4D/5D BIM model, data-rich construction schedules including cost and quantities for each task are generated and optimized in BEXEL Manager, providing detailed construction planning, eliminating unnecessary tasks, and ensuring there are no omitted activities. Connections of the construction schedule and BIM model elements within BEXEL Manager, provide instant construction simulations and give foresight in the construction of the project.

Time-location conflicts are easily resolved using a line-of-balance diagram. This provides control and the possibility to impose work norms and reduce rework and optimize time and material expenses.

BIM-based progress tracking provides extensive analytics, allowing timely actions and decisions, through regular automated updates of the construction plan with every progress input and revision accordingly. All these streamlined processes enable the generation of regular payment certificates, based on quantities of exact executed elements in the BIM model, providing clarity to both sides, and reducing claims and disputes.

Within the BEXEL Manager, as-built documentation can be linked to BIM model elements, and regularly checked if it is complete. Adding the Facility management dimension to an integrated environment, BEXEL Manager helps investors and facility managers improve the process of long-term maintenance planning and monitoring of the operational phase.

Using the synergy of BEXEL Manager`s integrated BIM and Portfolio Manager cloud-based reporting engine, top management gets clear insight into project key performance indicators, on a portfolio level.

In the AEC industry, the BIM environment has become the widespread solution for investors to have full insight throughout a project`s lifecycle. However, with so many different software for different BIM analyses out there, a single platform, as a single source of truth has proved itself indispensable.

According to the World economic forum’s Future of construction survey integrated BIM is seen as a new technology that will most likely have the highest impact on the AEC industry.

BEXEL Manager offers a variety of optimization and productivity improvements throughout the entire project lifecycle, therefore engaging all project stakeholders in the BIM process.

One of the BCG`s researches shows that by 2025, full-scale digitalization of construction projects will lead to annual cost savings of 13% to 21% in the design, engineering, and construction while 10% – 17% in the operational phase.




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