Linking operational data to BIM models

Linking operational data to BIM models

Various asset management systems (AMS) which contain asset information including e.g. different monitoring data (sensor data) should be able to share information with BIM models to ensure efficient decision making during the operational project phase. Linked Data can advance capabilities of BIM systems, enabling enhanced sematic data enrichment, interoperability, data integration, querying and overall project lifecycle management, ensuring access to integrated overview of information, saving time and cost during the operational project phase.

BEXEL Manager through its open API (or newly developed APIs) and capability to extend existing solution with new developing modules which would satisfy specific project needs, can be integrated with ontologies, and through new modules ensure semantic BIM model data enrichment. Ontologies encode domain concepts, properties, constraints, and relationships in a formal, explicit, and machine-readable way. Using BEXEL Manager Color-Coded custom breakdowns based on properties, gathered through semantic data enrichment, advanced visualisation is achieved which can help users to easy identify components of the asset which require attention.

Benefits of linking operational data to the BIM model includes centralized information models for data collection available to all project stakeholders, it supports automated and improved inspection methods which enable faster inspection of the infrastructure, and of course advanced 3D visualisation enabling to identify and locate components of the asset which require maintenance. Enriching BIM models with semantic information through linked data integration improves asset management processes.



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