Smart Scheduling

Advanced 4D BIM scheduling engine designed to bring the functionality of creating fully automated construction schedules and alleviate time consuming, manual sequencing. A smart algorithm finds the optimal solution in terms of minimum construction cost and time and resource balancing even for the most complex projects, containing hundreds of thousands of elements.

Construction methodologies

BEXEL Manager - Construction Methodologies

Intelligent LOB and flowline scheduling

Smart automated scheduling

Critical path method (CPM) and analysis (CPA)

Smart mapping of model elements to schedule tasks

Import/export schedules from various sources (e.g. Primavera, Microsoft Project)

Gantt export to .pdf and .xlsx

Schedule coloring by various rules

Schedule comparison

Create and export 4D simulation

Real-time construction simulation review

Custom color schemes for elements, tasks and resources

Animation management (e.g. camera path, time interval, frame rate)

Schedule task categorisation (demolition/temporary/construction/neutral)

Schedule optimization

Fine-tune your construction schedule to achieve optimal results

Advanced analysis & optimization

Resource allocation and leveling

LOB and flowline analysis

Smart task duration adjustment

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BCF progress entry

Selection sets progress entry

Traditional quantity based and element based progress entry

Import progress entry

Automated schedule update according to progress input

Look-ahead plans creation and analysis

Monitor construction progress

Resource monitoring

Customizable monthly payment certificate


Informed decision-making with data-driven analysis of project progress, resource allocation, and key performance indicators

Advanced reporting engine

Detailed cost and schedule reports

What-If analysis

Planned vs actual analysis

Executive reporting

KPI tracking

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Look-ahead analysis

Resource monitoring

Schedule comparison



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