Cost Management

A fully integrated 5D BIM Cost Management enables various advanced analyses such as model-based Cost Estimation, Schedule creation and optimization, Construction progress monitoring, and Schedule impact analyses.

Cost Management enhances project control by integrating spatial and temporal dimensions with cost data, providing a comprehensive platform for analyses and a more holistic project management process.

Automated cost database creation

BEXEL Manager - Automated Cost Database Creation

Automated cost data mapping

Create and export detailed budgets

Create and export cost and resource database

Integration of custom cost database (i.e. Uniformat, Masterformat, Uniclass, DIN 276…)

Company cost databases

Smart rules of measurement enrichment

Custom cost properties

Variable costs properties

Group cost classification by various rules

Preparation of tendering packages

Non-BIM cost items integration

Smart linking of model elements to cost items

Element based cost analysis

Budgeting and bill of quantities

Smart automated 5D scheduling

Productivity rates and resource planning

Critical path method (CPM) and analysis (CPA)

Import/export schedules from various sources (e.g. Primavera, Microsoft Project)

Gantt export to .pdf and .xlsx

5D Schedule coloring by various rules

Schedule comparison

Cost optimization

Efficient cost optimization through strategic resource allocation and cash-flow analyses for enhanced project financial outcomes

Advanced analysis & optimization

Cash flow analysis

Resource management, allocation and leveling

5D construction simulation

A comprehensive visual view, including both time and cost data, clearly visualizes how design and schedule decisions impact the overall project cost

Create and export 5D simulation

Real-time construction simulation review

Custom color schemes for elements, tasks and resources

Animation management (e.g. camera path, time interval, frame rate)

5D Schedule task categorisation (demolition/temporarry/costruction/neutral)

BCF progress entry

Selection sets progress entry

Traditional quantity based and element based progress entry

Import progress entry

Automated schedule update according to progress entry

Look-ahead plans creation and analysis

Monitor construction progress

Resource monitoring

Customizable monthly payment certificate

Advanced reporting engine

Detailed cost and schedule reports

What-If analysis

Planned vs actual analysis

Earned value analysis

Cash-flow monitoring

Work breakdown structure reporting

Executive reporting

KPI tracking

View video

Look-ahead analysis

Resource monitoring

Cost comparison



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