Design Review

A high-quality BIM model leads to a smooth construction process. With advanced 3D BIM features, BEXEL ensures minimized conflicts in later stages and straightforward quantifications with instant BIM-based visual QTO reports.

Automated IDS verification based on predefined check rules and custom data enrichments enhances BIM model quality and establishes a solid foundation for analyses, simulations, and management tasks, greatly improving overall project quality and efficiency.


A dynamic and immersive experience for exploring and understanding complex project details with clarity and precision

Real-time model navigation

BEXEL Manager - Real-Time Model Navigation

Walk mode

Advanced visualization

Scenes and animations

Level map

Textures and mapping

Measure distance tool

Advanced data and meta-data management

Automated data enrichment

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Property checker (IDS support)

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Color coded element breakdowns

Advanced element search and filtering

Auto distribute elements

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Selection sets management

Smart selection set

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Advanced reporting engine

Clash detection and interference checking

Containment analysis and relation enrichment

Single or multiple clash grouping

Import and set custom clash matrix and rules

Clash detection reports

Export reports to xlsx/pdf/html/pbix

Create, import and export BCF issues

Quantity take-off

Smart BIM-based Quantity take-off generation with advanced QTO reports

Rapid model-based QTO

Manage, generate and export custom QTO

Instantly create BIM-based visual QTO reports

Color coded QTO

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Area Analysis

Document management

Integrated as-built project documentation provides a comprehensive overview of the project, preparing it for the Facility management phase

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