Release Notes

    What’s new? (Version 21.7)

    Released : March 2022

    Major Features


  • The entire user interface inside the Clash Detection window has been improved in order to have a better user experience when working with multiple clash jobs. Now it is much easier to Update, Export, or make Reports for all selected Clash Jobs at once.
  • Clash groups are now counted as a single item instead of counting each clash pair inside them. This behavior is especially needed e.g. one pipe is clashing with multiple other elements. In this case, this will count as one single clash.
  • Cost

  • The Other Cost and Subcontractor Cost were introduced to all respecting analysis (e.g. Cost, Schedule, Progress, Power BI, Exports, etc.).
  • IFC

  • Added the option for exporting a separated file for each model source inside the Export to IFC window.
  • Schedule

  • The new option named Coloring is now available in the Gantt toolbar. It includes an option for coloring the tasks on the critical path and a new option for coloring task rows and bars by a task color.
  • Added the option for coloring tasks based on the task’s property values. The option is available by going to the Settings window inside the Schedule Editor, then tab Colors, and choosing the Task Coloring System to be Task Properties.
  • A new type for coloring Currently Active and Completed elements inside for the Schedule Animation have been introduced - Color Coded View Colors. Also, Completed elements now can keep the last task color. The all-new options are available inside the Settings within the Schedule Animation window.
  • Enhanced the import from Primavera to support XER and XML files. The import is much more robust and supports all Primavera versions.
    The following imports are supported:
  • XML Files - Legacy Importer (The old importer used in case of compatibility issues)
  • XML Files (New more robust import)
  • XER Files (New more robust import)
  • Other Features


  • A new tool, the Bexel Publisher Addin for Navisworks is available on our website for the Navisworks Manage versions 2020, 2021, and 2022. This publisher enables project teams to generate BIM models from authoring tools and formats (e.g. DWG, DWF, Aveva, Infraworks, MicroStation, Rhinoceros, SmartPlant 3D, Solidworks, etc.) supported by Autodesk Navisworks, but which does not support export to IFC file format, into Bexel Manager software as federated BIM model ready for integrated 3D/4D/5D project management and analysis. [LINK]
  • The Bexel Manager Revit Publisher and Bexel Manager Properties Importer for the Autodesk Revit version 2022 are now available on our website [LINK]. Also, the new element types from the Autodesk Revit 2022 are now supported.
  • A new version of the Data Enrichment add-in has been released. New functionalities are as follows:
  • Possibility to add multiple properties at once.
  • Possibility to define type and group of the property to be added. [LINK]
  • A new version of the Unreal Schedule Exporter add-in has been added to the Bexel User Area – fixed the issue causing the crash during the import process if some elements don't have GlobalID property defined. [LINK]
  • A new version of the Property Checker add-in has been released. The following checks are introduced:
  • Naming Convention
  • Numeric range
  • Condition checks [LINK]
  • API

  • Added option for changing Task Color through API. [LINK]
  • Added option for changing the color of an element inside the 3D viewer through API. [LINK]
  • Clash

  • The Excel export was improved by adding new pivot tables and Building Name column.
  • The options for Expand, Collapse, Expand Selected, and Collapse Selected were added for the clash pairs and groups inside the Clash Detection window.
  • Cost

  • An option for filtering cost assignments without elements was added inside the Assigned Items window.
  • The Expand To Level option has been added into a toolbar inside the Cost Editor window. Also, the option Expand selection for level(s) has been added within the context menu.
  • The filter for properties has been added inside the cost item formula editor window.
  • Added automatic selection of the assigned items passed search conditions inside the Assigned Items window.
  • Exchange

  • The exchange process execution time was significantly decreased in some cases. This will decrease the time for resolving the conflicts while multiple users collaborate on the same Bexel Manager CDE project.
  • IFC

  • Added support for new categories introduced in the Autodesk Revit 2022 and for some missed categories from the previous versions.
  • Power BI

  • Introduced the option for exporting only data instead of a full Power BI template. This option should be used for exporting the data for custom PBI reports.
  • Added an option for setting the Date Time Pattern for schedule inside the Power BI export. This functionality speeds up the export process if the time resolution for export is changed to be in e.g. weeks or months instead of days.

  • Added option for adding multiple quantities at once inside the Quantity Takeoff creation window.
  • Online Projects

  • Added an option for rollback to an old version of the project.
  • Added option for changing the location of the local repository for online projects.
  • An option for the automatic conflict resolvement was added.
  • Introduced the warning to the user while downloading the Bexel Manager project if some downloaded file paths exceed the maximum supported Microsoft Windows file path lengths.
  • Properties

  • Resolved the issue occurring while grouping the properties by the parent in some cases.
  • Revit

  • Resolved the issue that was appearing when publishing the Topography elements without surface material.
  • Added support for reading the Function property for some element categories.
  • Selection Sets

  • Introduced the Export to Excel and Import from Excel option in the Selection Sets window. This option replaces the Selection Set Utilities add-in that is now deprecated.
  • Introduced the option for including and excluding elements into multiple selection sets at once.
  • Schedule

  • Introduced the functionality to adjust task duration in respect to daily output defined in the Cost Editor window.
    In order to execute this operation please use the following option: Schedule Editor window -> Open the "Task Editor" Drop Down -> Press the "Update Task Duration From Daily Output"
  • Introduced the functionality to export the activities without elements for progress entry. This functionality enhances the process of entering progress for activities that are not BIM-based.
    In order to export only activities without elements to excel, for progress entry use the following option: Schedule Editor window -> Export -> Export To Excel (Progress) -> In the "Select Tasks" window press the "Export Activities Without Elements Only" button.
  • Introduced the "Parent Task Level" properties to the tasks. These properties are available as columns in the Gantt control. The main benefit of these columns is to enable the flexible WBS grouping after exporting to external software (e.g. MS Project or Primavera).
  • Introduced the functionality that enables entering progress from the selection sets. The name of the selection set must begin with Cost Item Code (in this case part of the selection set name from the beginning until the '|' character will be considered as Cost Item Code). This option is available in the Progress Entry Editor window: Add -> From Activity Selection Sets...
  • Introduced the Elements QTO tab inside the Task Editor window. This tab lists Volume, Area, and Length quantities for selected task elements.
  • Eliminated the behavior that the import process alters some task constraints during the import from MS Project when the "Force Imported Dates" is unchecked.
  • Introduced the Name filed in the Progress Entry Editor. This field is required.
  • Introduced the flexibility to configure the mapping functionality inside the Task Link Rule Editor:
  • Map Action: Add, Overwrite
  • Map Type: Include, Exclude, Intersect
  • Added option for playing the active schedule animation in Tasks mode within the Schedule Animation window. The active schedule animation name will be displayed in the toolbar.
  • User Interface

  • Introduced saving camera positions on project save.
  • Better support for 4K displays.
  • Added support for some new currencies. Also introduced the Latvian, Hebrew, and Arabic letters within viewer's legend.
  • Updated translations for all supported languages.
  • Fixed the wrong translation on some languages in the World Coordinates window.
  • Added the filter inside the Sources window. In order to activate the filter please use the CTRL+F keys combination.
  • Fixed the issue that the user interface was not affected after the Project Culture was changed.
  • General

  • Resolved the issue while opening a project on the Bexel Engineer version.
  • Added the option for defining the Super Project, Country, City, and Project Type inside the Project Information window.
  • What’s new? (Version 21.0)

    Released : October 2021

    - Group cost version by any project required Work breakdown structure.
    - Automate process of creating customized WBS by using Templates.
    - Create and manage your own WBS structure within Creation Template and reuse it on other projects.
    - WBS can export to excel, fine-tuned, if needed, and imported back to BEXEL Manager.
    - Created customized WBS user is always able to return to default classification based WBS, by clicking on Group by Classification option.

    Online projects
    - Improved online projects workflow.
    - Enabled creation of a new Online Project from .besln extension (from existing local projects).
    - Multiple users can work independent on the same Online project, and commit changes.

    - Automatically group and organize results within clash job according to element ids.
    - Create multiple clash groups according to element IDs from selection.
    - Export Clash jobs to Excel spreadsheet is now improved with new Clash analytic tables such as Clash status overview, spatial and detailed.

    User Interface
    - Implemented filter within hierarchical tree controls (properties, reference objects, cbs, etc.). Runs by ctrl + F after clicking on a specific control.

    - Revit 22 publisher available on BEXEL Manager Resource page/download.

    - Enhanced IFC support.
    - Support for IfcGeographicElement and IfcCivilElement entities for reading from IFC4 standard.
    - Updated BCF SDK to the latest version.

    What’s new? (Version 20.12)

    Released : August 2021

    - We continue enriching our software with new languages. BEXEL Manager localized in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian is ready for you! More languages will follow soon.

    - Model geometry data is now available within BEXEL Manager API. Check out BEXEL User Area for a lot of new Add-ins.

    - Fresh new clash type is here! Run Containment clash to find all elements within the room, space, or any other container element. Enrich model with containment relations. Created relations can be viewed and fine-tuned within Relation tab in Property Menu.
    - Work with Multiple jobs inside the Clash detection Module is now much easier!
    - Import Clash template as Excel file format. Review and fine-tune Clash jobs, if needed.
    - Update all clash results with one click (Update all option) and export, report and overview all results at once.
    - Export created or fine-tuned template for further use on similar projects.

    - Added Code column to the Resources. Resource integration with ERP, any other external system or database is now much easier!

    - Use predefined rules from existing CBS and QTO as a base for the next CBS/QTO with the Duplicate option. Also, check out enhanced grouping options and so much more.

    - The exchange process is now improved! Reduce rework and maximize knowledge reuse between different projects. Exchange Smart selection set, Custom breakdown structures, Quantity takeoffs, Cost classifications, Construction methodologies and so much more!

    What’s new? (Version 20.9)

    Released : March 2021

    - We continue enriching our software with new languages. BEXEL Manager localized in Hungarian is ready for you! More languages will follow soon.

    - Task properties are exposed for reading within BEXEL Manager API.

    - Better performances for hard and hard conservative clash type.
    - Clash detection module is now redesigned.
    - Choose (check/uncheck) columns in clash detection results.

    - Group activities within task report by Cost classification.
    - Check out refreshed Cost Editor module interface with main features just a click from you.

    - Added tooltips in Properties window to describe predefined properties.
    - Improved calculation for calculated quantities such as "Bounding Box Height/Width/Length" and "Largest Projected Area".

    What’s new? (Version 20.6)

    Released : December 2020

    - Include Taxes, Overhead costs, Markups, and other variable costs inside your Cost estimation!

    - Now you can link elements to schedule directly through API script or Add-in. This and many other scripts are available for download on Bexel User Area.

    Power BI
    - The Power BI template is now improved. Browse inside the export wizard and choose only data that you really need for Power BI report.

    - Export 3D scene colors to IFC file.

    - Use Update option not only to refresh clash detection results but for adjusting and changing selection inside Clash detection job.
    - Now you can export clash results to open Excel format and do a more detailed analysis.

    Online projects
    - Improved CDE workflows.
    - Possibility to configure and manage multiple Online Storages.
    - Update projects directly from Online Projects window.

    What’s new? (Version 20.5)

    Released : October 2020

    Power BI
    - Direct export from BEXEL Manager to Power BI template is now upgraded with Earned value analyses, CPI, SPI and powerful analytical tools offering a wide range of KPI and project parameters!
    - Earned value analysis based on task cost.
    - Earned value analysis based on resource cost and quantity for material, labor and equipment Classification Code Schema Editor.

    - Now you can link elements to schedule directly through API script or Add-in. This and many other scripts are available for download on Bexel User Area.

    Power BI
    - Automatically generate and change codes inside Classification.
    - Classification Code Schema Editor.
    - Automatically generate and change codes inside Classification.

    - Create task relations directly in Gantt editor using task IDs
    - Improved Flowline viewer with advanced task filter and search options!

    - Selected elements in Selection info are now broken down by category and family for each structure type (Family, Spatial, Selection sets, Systems, Worksets and Materials).

    What’s new? (Version 20.2)

    Released : August 2020

    - BEXEL Manager is now available in the Korean language.
    - Select elements by UniqueID within Select by ID form.

    - Improved import from Primavera and MS Project.
    - Use Map property for mapping elements within Link Rule editor.
    - Choose Equals, Contains, Starts With or Ends With from Map function dropdown list.
    - Methodology and Zone editors are improved with a search engine.
    - Edit Custom properties through Gantt viewer.

    - IFC import is now greatly improved and significantly faster.
    - Export or exchange linked documents as references into IFC file format.

    - Easier and efficient use of API console now with auto-completion.

    - Improved property exchange with Revit and enabled import/export for Type properties.

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