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Learn how you can benefit from advanced
BIM technology, optimize your work and
increase efficiency. Improve your planning
by integrating quantities, time, cost and resources,
and reach full control over the project
implementation with detailed 4D/5D BIM
reporting, timely providing you with the most
valuable insights.

Improve your planning and
project management workflows!

Day 04 |

Intelligent Scheduling & Integrated 4D/5D BIM

Day 03 |

Smart 5D Cost Management

Day 02 |

Advanced Clash Detection

Day 01 |

Automated Data Management & BIM Quality Checks


BEXEL Consulting brings its expertise, gathered from years of extensive experience in using BIM technologies on various projects all over the world, into BEXEL Education Center, which offers several comprehensive training for your company and employees. In case that holding a training in our classroom is not possible for you, we offer a wide range of distance-learning options or hosting the training at the premises of your company.

BEXEL Education Center Partnership Program offers certified training within our Reseller Partnership Network. For more information about certified training in your country please visit our Reseller page or contact

BEXEL Manager Step by Step Guide – Free Online Education

Lesson 01 – BEXEL Manager Introduction

Lesson 02 – Data Management and CBS

Lesson 03 – Use of Selection sets, scenes and views

Lesson 04 – BIM Project coordination and quantification

Lesson 05 – 5D Cost databases and cost estimations using BEXEL Manager Cost Editor

Lesson 06 – Basic 4D Project planning by importing, editing and exporting schedules

Lesson 07 – Advanced intelligent 4D/5D Project planning, 5D BIM, Progress monitoring

Lesson 08 – Progress tracking and Planned VS Actual analysis, look-ahead plans

Lesson 09 – As-Built AIM model development, 6D BIM integration and FM planning

Lesson 10 – BEXEL CDE, Power BI, FM, Data integration and intro to API


For those interested, Bexel Manager is explored through a webinar series led by our experts who have a rich and significant portfolio of BIM projects worldwide. By presenting real-world data and use-cases, our product specialists will give you advanced insight into our BIM software solution.

If you would like to participate in one of our webinars, please contact us so we could arrange an invitation for your company.

BIM progress monitoring, and KPIs in a cloud-based environment

BEXEL Learn Live – Day 04 – Intelligent Scheduling & Integrated 4D/5D BIM

BEXEL Learn Live – Day 03 – Advanced 5D analysis and Smart 5D Cost Management

BEXEL Learn Live – Day 02 – Data Enrichment and Clash Detection

BEXEL Learn Live – Day 01 – Automated Data Management & BIM Quality Checks – HD

Cost and Time Driven Parametric design

BEXEL Manager the one platform for all BIM dimensions

IDS-based BIM data management and quality assurance using BEXEL Manager

Construction Room Session 1 – Smart 4D and 5D Planning and Progress Monitoring process

Introduction to BEXEL Manager features

5D in 5 steps – Automated Schedule Process

4D & 5D BIM Scheduling

Usage of 4D & 5D features

Project Management Workflows in an OpenBIM Environment

Automated scheduling utilizing intelligent Line of Balance methodology

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